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Mynbest Crowdfunding is a company with the mission to make it easier for everyone to become a partner in companies they trust. We want to enable entrepreneurs have access to funding to develop their business, where in today’s environment credit and funding in general is hard to get. Users decide where to invest their money. Their decision is what gives companies the chance to continue operating or to grow from seed stage. With Mynbest, funding has entered a new age where smaller investors can make a difference. This is the reason why we are confident that the crowd is the best channel to decide which projects are worth investing in. We are offering people the chance to allocate their funds to small businesses profitably. With this service, we expect to enhance business investing and build employment with viable companies that will grow or get launched. No matter which stage they are at. If they need to raise funds to develop their business model and increase their profits Mynbest is their solution. In addition, we believe that investors might become a great asset for companies. Once incorporated on their boards, the sharing of their expertise and know-how, their commercial skills, contacts and network and much more besides will benefit the companies you invest in. Once investors start being part of a company they will be able to help that business achieve substantial profits. With multiple investors involved, the combined influence of them might lead to changes and improvements in how companies work.

Here is our team.

Íñigo Muñoz Bilbao  Linkedin_logo_32



After founding the company in 2012, Íñigo is taking care of the daily business as well as the strategy and expansion.

Graduated in Economics, he did the International Master in Management at EADA.

He has participated as a speaker at several acts and lectures about funding and crowdfunding.

Tomás Champer  Linkedin_logo_32



After he joined Mynbest in 2014 as a Business Analyst, Tomás has become the Chief Financial Officer and keeps on supervising the valuation of businesses.

He is graduated in Economics and has focused his specialization in Finance reason why he has done some financial courses and holds a Master in Economics and Finance at UPF.

Xander Arts  Linkedin_logo_32


Partner & Advisor

Member of the Board of Director, partner and advisor at Mynbest.

Xander is also director at Melenco and has had responsibility roles at Amicorp Group for long time, which gives him great experience in the financial industry, structuring international investments and foreign trade.

An important asset for Mynbest’s development and its growth opportunities.

Henk Oudeman Linkedin_logo_32


Partner & Advisor

Member of the Board of Director, partner and advisor at Mynbest.

He was the CEO at Bizalia, the biggest website for selling businesses in Spain.

Henk is the only Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) of the International Business Brokers Association in Spain He is a specialist in business ownership transfer valuation, preparation and guidance.

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